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Pleco Chinese Dictionary[]

Pleco Software Inc.  © 2013.

Available for purchase for iOS and Android phones, Pleco’s mobile Chinese dictionary application is the best on the market at this point.  Featuring a number of excellent built-in dictionaries (including the recently-added Hanyu da cidian, Grand Ricci, ABC Chinese-English Comprehensive Dictionary, ABC English-Chinese Dictionary,Xiandai hanyu guifan cidian 现代汉语成语规范词典, 21st Century English-Chinese Dictionary and Tuttle Learner's Chinese-English Dictionary) with many others available for free download, this full-featured app also includes a handwriting recognizer for input, a flashcard system, a text file interface, audio pronunciation in Mandarin (with both search and output functions), stroke order animations, and even an OCR designed to work with the phone’s camera (so one can take a picture of a graph and the dictionary entry will appear).

The dictionary can be set to traditional or simplified characters, and searches can be performed using simplified or traditional graphs, Mandarin pinyin, handwriting input or any combination thereof.


  • The most powerful and convinient phone dictionary I have ever used - David Hull