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    • This site as it stands is only a mock-up.  We are still looking into other platforms and other formats.  It does not represent the final form of what we hope this resource can be**

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The purpose of this wiki is to provide a constantly evolving clearinghouse for all kinds of resources that will be of use to Sinologists. 

We highly recommend broad participation.  Add, remove, and edit as you see fit.  Especially if you have information about the effectiveness of a resource, please do make a comment on that resource page.

The foundational information comes from many people, notably Holger H.G. Schneider, Jeffrey R. Tharsen, David N.C. Hull and the communal efforts of the Facebook Sinologists Group

Most of the foundational information can be found in an article on the Dissertation Reviews site .

If you have and questions, suggestions or comments, feel free to get in touch .

An Introduction to Chinese Electronic Dictionaries and Criteria for their Evaluation         []

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